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Apr 03.2014

Howdy, folks.  Today I have released my third and final teaser trailer from Revolutionary  This one features the title track of the album, Revolutionary Son.  The album is available for pre-release in two locations. 

In French territories I was very fortunate to have worked out a collaboration for exclusive sales with the wonderful Media store, Fnac.

As well, I am selling a numbered and signed special edition from my bandcamp site.

On Sunday at 3PM EST (8PM UK and 9PM France) my album is being featured in a fantastic radio show called The Curve Ball.  The DJ, Chris Evans, tirelessly hunts for exciting, adventuresome music, with a definite ear towards the surreal, imaginative and melodic.  You can listen in and hear 4 new tracks on Sunday, April 6th here

Lots of new videos in varies degrees of completion, all of which can’t wait to meet you.

Mar 01.2014

On March 6th I’ll release the first of three trailers leading up to the release of my next album, entitled Revolutionary Son.  The final release date of the complete album will be April 14th.  I’ve prepared 350 special numbered and signed editions that will be purchasable from  I am also partnering in France with Fnac for exclusive store sales in France, Belgium and Switzerland. 

Sep 18.2013


For the last two months I have been working on an installation collaboration with Australian artist Mark Bolotin.  Mark has an incredible installation he created called his Lumiphonic Creature Choir - imagine a 10 foot tall, 10 foot wide choir of floating heads… A very surreal instrument indeed! Mark contacted me with the interest of collaborating, and with my cluster visual techniques it was an excellent fit.  We put our heads together and, working with two new pieces of my music, created a new ritual piece called The Cult.

We’ll be doing a test run of a piece of our show on September 25th, also serving as the launch of Mark’s new company with partner Asher Remy-Toledo, Hyphen Hub.  We’ll present the first 2/3s of The Cult and then chat about how it was made in a salon setting.

Also with Alexandra Filipe (vocals) and Rhys Tivey (trumpet) and moderated by Toni Dove. Hope to see you there!

TIME 6.30pm Doors open 7.30pm (SHARP) The Cult performance 8.30pm Drinks/DJ

VENUE The Red Door 140 W24th Street Chelsea, NY (btwn 6th and 7th ave) - The Red Door is a historic music venue in Chelsea where Jeff Buckley used to rehearse and Nico used to pass out! -

COST $10.

*The venue capacity is strictly limited so pls book early.


Jan 25.2012

Last week I met with a new friend, fellow composer Peter Wetzler, to record a chat for his radio show. Apparently it’s finished, so I hope you’ll tune in!

Jan. 26, 2012: 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.
(There’s a live streaming link on the top right of the page.)

Nov 15.2011

Just wanted to let you know that I have begun to release new music (finally!!!) and will be doing so on my new bandcamp page. 

Fredo Viola on Bandcamp

I offer you two new songs.  Well, actually one is a song, the other could be described as magic-ritual-acapella-disco-roller-skating music for the most adventurous of you..!  So I figure there’s something for everyone here.  Both of them will be premiered tonight on The Curve Ball, hosted by my favorite DJ and music afficianado, Chris Evans.

The first song is called A New Adventure, and it’s pop.  Pure pop.  Actually, the song is about the internet, and the odd second reality that we have created out of it.  Sometimes I feel like we’re building a bubble around ourselves that reflects some aspects of reality but without it’s depth and vulnerability.  That’s what the song is about. 

On A New Adventure I have a special guest vocalist, Tabitha Zisser, and her pals Athena and Verity.  Hope you all enjoy it!  Also, my good friend Nancy Kokoro will be doing one of her fun, experimental videos to it on Thursday (I’ll let you know where once it’s ready!) and it is being used in an ad for the an upcoming Etsy Mobile app. 

The second… errr… vocal ritual is a crazy one.  It’s called Rain or Shine and it’s a completely live, completely improvised performance.  For the past couple of years I’ve been developing a live compositional technique which has a pretty intense ritual aspect.  Anyway, this is one of the best ones.  I love it.  It was written during a time that I was feeling very lost, very down, very grumpy!  And the piece was a ritual to transform that sourness into something ecstatic and full of joy.  The original improvisation was 27 minutes, so for sure it’s been abbreviated, the mix manipulated a bit and I even added the occasional hand clap.  But aside from that there have been no other corrections.  It’s live.  Put on some headphones (and some rollerskates), crank up the volume and enjoy.

They are both for sale, and if you want to offer some encouragement, please buy!  They’re only a dollar, or 63 pence in England, 0, 73 euros in Europe!

Mar 30.2010

The broadcast of our performance on Taratata is this Friday (the 2nd)! Goodness! It will then be repeated on France 4 on Wednesday the 7th!

Mar 30.2010

Tonight on France 4 please watch Fredo Viola performing with the members of I Am Your Autopilot and Scalde on Taratata.  The show will play again April 2 on France 2!

Jan 31.2010

The programers at Taratata have rescheduled our show and put us on their birthday special.  It will now be airing on March 30 on France 4 and April 2 on France 2!

Jan 18.2010

Fredo Viola will be appearing with his musician friends on Taratata on March 17th on France 4 and then again on March 19th on France 2.

Dec 05.2009

The Turn has been named album album number 2 of the year by Les Inrocks Magazine!  Also it has been included in the 10 pack of the best 10 albums of the year by Colette.

Oct 10.2009

My album, The Turn, has been nominated for a Prix Constantin award in France!  On November 9th I will be performing with my friends from I Am Your Autopilot and with Scalde at the Olympia theatre for the awards television program.  It is on that date that the winner will be decided from the 10 nominees.

May 19.2009, has won a prestigious Laus Award in the category of Interactive.

Aside from winning the Grand Laus, which is the highest award of the whole “Interactive” category, the site also won Silver in “Corporate Websites” and Gold in “Interactive Innovation.”

May 05.2009

The Turn album has been released today in the UK.

May 04.2009

Fredo Viola’s show at Café de la Dance has been changed from June 11th to 7:30PM on June 22nd.

Jan 17.2009 has won two new awards: both and made it site of the day.  Dopeawards on January 16th, Designlicks on January 22nd.

Dec 13.2008 has won website of the day and website of the month at

Dec 01.2008

On December 1st the second EP, Red States, becomes available for digital purchase on iTunes worldwide.  The EP includes the following tracks:

Red States
Oh My Love
Occam’s Razor
Let the Sad Out (featuring Donavan Freberg)
Our Lips Are Sealed
The Turn (Fink remix)


Nov 10.2008

November 10th, is launched.

This new site serves both as a tool to exhibit Fredo’s new experimental visual/audio works, as well as an interactive web-toy with which users can play. 


Nov 01.2008

Good news!  iTunes US has finally accepted and is releasing the Sad Song EP!  Sorry for the extremely long delay.  I will also be releasing a second single in the first week of December digitally.  More on that next month.  Actually, I’ve got a string of announcements to make in the next few weeks, so keep tuned.

Mar 28.2008

CMJ Spotlight sports a Fredo Viola interview done by Scott Oranburg:
cmj interview

For those who speak German, a second interview by Pascal Schulthess can be found here: interview

Feb 18.2008

Following a great review in the Guardian UK, The Sad Song EP and video were released today on iTunes UK.  They can be bought at the following links:
iTunes UK mp3
iTunes UK video

Feb 08.2008

The Sad Song EP is released digitally and on 10” vinyl in the UK on February 18th.  It features new tracks ‘Hogwash’ and ‘Ether’, and Tunng’s reworking of ‘The Sad Song’.  The 12” vinyl features the Roland Appel and Prinz Thomas remixes of ‘The Sad Song’.  The digital release features all tracks.

You can find the video for ‘The Sad Song’ here
You can buy the EP here and here

Jan 29.2008

The Sad Song is iTunes France’s Single of the Week.  The EP is n°22 in iTunes Alternative Album Charts.

Jan 11.2008

The Sad Song EP is released digitally and 10” vinyl in the UK on February 18th.

In France you can buy the EP on Vinyl here and digitally, here, here and here

Dec 18.2007

A cover of Silent Night, which was created in collaboration with Norwegian basso, Nils Christian Fossdal, was released on iTunes all over the world on December 18th, 2007.  A video Fredo made using footage shot in NYC and incorporating vocals footage sent to him from Norway, is available here.

The song can be purchased from the following links:
UK iTunes
US iTunes
France iTunes