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SPOTIFY: Fredo Viola My New Head 

GENRE: Psych/Chamber Pop/Experimental

INFLUENCES: Benjamin Britten, Kurt Weill, Kate Bush, Dmitri Shostakovich, White Noise, Harry Nilsson, Maurice Jaubert, Ennio Morricone


SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: IG / Facebook / Spotify / Apple Music

TELEPHONE: 0 (1) 512.781.3889


FREDO VIOLA is a singer, composer and audio-visual artist living in the United States. Fredo’s music and visual art aims always for the imaginative and surprising, with a strong focus on emotional catharsis. Working often with layers of his voice and eclectic supporting orchestration, Fredo’s influences are wide, from the polystylist works of Schnittke to the Psych middle period of Kate Bush.

Fredo studied film making at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, graduating with an award for Consistent Excellence in Film Making.

Fredo’s first album, released by Because Music in France and England, was called #2 album of the year by leading French music magazine,Les Inrocks, and #4 album of the year by Le Monde and Yahoo France. Fredo was nominated for a Prix Constantin (the French Mercury Award)

Fredo has had installations of his audio/visual work at such festivals as Scopitone, Festival Temps d’Images, Clermont-Ferrand FilmFestival (where he was invited to judge the experimental category in 2017), Resfest and Corto in Bra. His video Wood Smoke was a finalist for Best Experimental Video at the 2011 Vimeo Festival.

Fredo’s interactive website,, won Grand Laus, FWA Site of the Week, Site of the Month, European Gold award and was written up in several major prublications, including Communication Arts.


"It's MARVELOUS!'s what pop music would sound like if it were made by unborn psychedelic ghosts." - Neil Gaiman

"With his third album Fredo Viola ventures into his most accomplished and fascinating work. "My New Head" is the celebration of sound as the art of the fantastic..." - Gianfranco Marmoro, Ondarock


“The Turn is a unique masterpiece...” - Stéphane Deschamps, Les Inrockuptiples

“...posesses a rich musical palette that allows him, for this sumptuous first album, to compose a cathedral of sound with only his voice. “ - Le Monde

“A triumphant reminder of pop’s golden age... captures that magical moment before commercialism and innovation became mutually exclusive concepts.” - Chris Evans,

“An often glorious album that imagines the Beach Boys as Gregorian chanters with Brian Eno at the helm.” - The Independent

“The multi-layered harmonies and rococo melodies evoke Brian Wilson at his most playful.” - Uncut

“Achieves a choral, quasi-religious intensity that is quite unlike anything else you will hear... It really is beautiful.” - Guardian UK


“...coexistence between cultured and popular, difficult and immediate, adventurous and comfortable, is proven very possible, and indeed more joyful than ever. A second masterpiece.” - Andrea Pomini, Rumore

“A transformative experience of lyrical energy, not just exciting and compelling, but one that teases your imagination.” - Gianfranco Marmoro - Ondarock

“In Revolutionary Son, Smile or Pet Sounds-period Beach Boys mingle with motets. It may be there that we are the closest,Palestrina or Shütz...” - Jerome Gillet, Froggy Delight



1. Demolition

2. Pine Birds

3. Waiting for Seth

4. Clouded Mirror

5. Black Box

6. Kick the Sick

7. Stars and Rainbows

8. Sunset Road

9. In My Mouth

10. Edwin Vargas

11. My Secret Power



Pine Birds

Clouded Mirror

My Secret Power


Photograph by Nicholas Kahn


Album painting by Miran Kim

My New Head © Revolutionary Son 2020 / All rights reserved.  Cover art © Miran Kim 2020

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